Teacher and Ed. Tech. Symbiotic Collaboration

Geek Lovin English teacher realized I didn't need to speak ed. tech. when I went on mission to get technology into the hands of our nation's most under-served students. On my journey I learned the pains ed. tech. faces when trying to access innovative teachers, particularly those inside large comprehensive public schools, where the majority of our nation's children are educated.


After spending July as a Beta-testing ed. tech. What I did learn, Hi! I'm a high school English teacher, but over the summer I went on a mission to make the distribution of ed. tech. more equitable. Along the way I became a beta tester for start up ed. tech. entrepreneurs. It was extraordinary to see how my knowledge of the classroom helped them shape their programs to meet the needs of my classroom and make it capable of optimizing my practice and my student's potential. This beta-testing was a symbiotic collaboration that enabled me to bring game changing programs like Class Dojo, Socrative, Remind101 and Goalbook into my classroom this fall-more importantly, I was able to bring them without burdening the admin. I wanted other teachers to have this opportunity, and once I had a team together I paid to go out to Palo Alto and to let ed. tech. start ups know I'd gotten a team of over 150 extraordinarily innovative and geek lovin teachers from all over the country. Everyone on the team is interested in working with ed. tech. to help developers and entrepreneurs see their products from the teacher's and student's perspective. I am SO excited by the digital promise initiative because it holds the promise of helping to establish spaces where teachers and ed. tech. can engage in genuine symbiotic collaboration capable of creating the tools we need to redefine the potential of public education.


My team wants to know how we can support it and be a part of it. You can check out the site where we beta test, and share innovative practices at,,



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