A Call to Arms - The Voice of Practitioners is Silent!

The launch of this forum in September 2011 was supported by the President and the Secretary of Education. The opportunity to share with and learn from colleagues all over the world should be seized by all educators. This Digital Promise site utilises some of the technology that we want students to take advantage of - interactive forums that generate sophisticated discussion, locate high quality resources and connect people to ideas that they had not been previously exposed to. To date, 68 ideas, 171 comments and only 247 users. The population of the USA is over 312 million, there are more than 6 million teachers, and many education faculties across the nation that are preparing the next teacher workforce. Where are their voices? Is the potential of technology to enhance instruction and learning and to link those students who have no or limited access to education so poorly understood? I would encourage all educators to read Clayton Christensen's Disrupting Class, Charles Leadbeater's Learning From the Extremes ,examine the iPadsforlearning trial, and look at the excellent posts on this site that have exposed some, and only some of the great work and resources that are currently available to educators and school systems that want to exploit the potential of technology when it is placed at the disposal of knowledgeable teachers.


Where is the voice of Professor Richard Elmore a world export on education reform; Professor Chris Dede whose has written extensively on educational technology; has Larry Cuban changed his point of view since he wrote Oversold and Underused, published in 2001?


Use Twitter to introduce them to this forum and encourage them to post, to comment, to share some of what they do. Then we will all learn.



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