One Common Place for Everything Educational Technology

My idea is to create a site that does away with the hours of searching the net for the right instructional technology resources for you. The site would be the one stop location for everything related to educational technology. It would be a site to go to network with educators and professionals around the world in order to share best practices when it comes to teaching with technology. One could also go there to gain free professional development that would help them to best integrate technology into their daily teaching any time they like.


The site that would allow members to form groups around ideas, resources and skills. It would provide a place where best educational videos can be shared. It would have tutorials in the form or Podcasts or live webinars that give members the opportunity to share some of the multiple resources they could use in order to achieve different objectives. There would be a constant stream of news articles from most of the major educational technology magazines available in one location. In essence, everything an educator could need to integrate technology into their daily teaching ccould be found in this one location. Well known companies as well as start-up companies could have a single location where educators can go in order to see everything available to help them integrate technology in an interactive learning environment.


This centralized location woul dramatically cut down on the research and planning time and provide a way for companies to attract prospective clients to their company in one centralized location.


Educators would be able to blog and discuss their teaching as well as the products used in an open and friendly atmosphere. The opportunities are endless.


I have started this site @ We exist on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, the Android Market Place and more. We have over 15000 members combined already



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