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A Game-based Simulation that Improves Teaching

What about a game-based simulation of a classroom that can take the form and shape of any classroom anywhere, and can provide a teacher with a virtual training ground and practice space? It would be a teacher flight simulator, with virtual students who act and behave like real students, which would give teachers (and aspiring teachers) a chance to experiment with new methods, tasks, and approaches to relationships with ...more »

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Design Challenges for Kids That Solve Real-World Problems

Students (especially from middle grades up) can self-form global teams and create innovative, real solutions to global problems using technology as a platform to communicate, create and share. Designs can include 3D fabrication of real objects, which can then be tested and played with in remote locations, then improved and re-designed and shared again. Incentives for winning solutions can include technology (e.g. iPads, ...more »

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