Constructionists digital cognitive learning tools in STEM

Much effort and huge resources are invested into producing digital learning material that is rich in multimedia and interactivity. Yet, I believe many of these initiatives are way over produced and neglect the fact that learning mainly takes place inside us rather than in multimedia productions.


Today we know, both through experience, learning research and brain research, that active inquiry based learning is very important. Therefore, we need to provide learners with simple but powerful digital cognitive tools for learning rather than massive amounts of produced material.The concept of constructionism learning that originates from Seymor Papert and the MIT learning lab is considered very effective both in theory and practise, and a number of tools have emerged to support this, in particular also from the MIT e.g. LEGO Education and SCRATCH.

However, there is little of this kind where it perhaps is most needed, in science education, and this is where we present a new simulation tool for physics education - Algodoo Physics.

Not only is it a unique and creative tool for inquiry based physics, but it is also preparative for the kinds of tools that young learners eventually will work with in their professional adult lives. Much like a pocket calculator, this type of simulation tool scales and grows with the larner all the way from preschool to university level!


Our product, Algodoo Physics, is only the beginning of this journey for us and I address the need for more tools of this type and also that much research is invested into this area to develop even better methods for learning and teaching.


To learn more about Algodoo Physics, visit (free demo).



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