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Digital Promise Board Concerns

Greetings. There are some concerns about Digital Promise, specifically the composition of its board. The Digital Promise organization, created through Section 802 of the federal Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, intends to receive money from Congress and is otherwise a public policy topic.


There are concerns that the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States is participating on the board of Digital Promise. That is, that Gilman Louie of In-Q-Tel is on the board. Furthermore, there are concerns that the presence of some sort of entourage of his may explain the popularity of video game technology in this particular educational technology forum which is on the same website used for other public policy discussions.


Beyond those concerns, there are concerns about the board member Lawrence K. Grossman, former president of the National Broadcasting Company news. The role of that expertise in a group exploring educational technology is unclear. However, we can observe that the National Broadcasting Company recently started a digital textbook publishing endeavor.


There are substantive concerns about the composition of the board of the Digital Promise 501(c)(3), specifically in the involvement of individuals affiliated with the Central Intelligence Agency and the television news department of the National Broadcasting Company.






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