Maximizing Thinking and Project Time: Flipping the Classroom

Real time collaboration, conversation and engagement with other learners in person and in one place provides support for putting ideas into action and creating evidence of learning. Asynchronous online reading, writing and thinking time then provides the flexibility for learners to consider new ideas and make connections of new information to what they already know- flexibly, at their own pace, when they are feeling 'on' and ready to learn. Facilitating this flexible thinking time through an online classroom website (my personal favorite is provides a single space to develop and document learning over time. The 'through-the-online-classroom' time then leaves valuable 'in-the-live-classroom' time for engaging group and project work . Using an online classroom to support blended learning or 'flipping the classroom' is a powerful use of technology to support learners to develop deep understandings and apply their learning in dynamic ways.



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