Supporting innovators

A real challenge facing schools is how to support the innovators in their ranks, yet meet the demands of the somewhat unreasonable NCLB requirements. Principals fear taking risks in this climate that is punitive. Instead of a punitive climate which punishes risk-taking, work needs to be done on improving a more innovative, fast-moving, risk-taking climate. Policies which better support this sort of innovation are needed; revisions to Ed policy which support development of teacher quality need to be FAVORED OVER punitive measures and one-test measurement strategies tied to merit pay. Real creativity and innovation isn't scripted--ask any entreprenuer about that. So a more positive climate towards innovation in education, more research on what works, and more positive sharing of stories of innovation are needed. We want to retain the innovators IN the system, not drive them out by constraining them, punishing them, or not supporting them.



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